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Crosman Magnum 2200 - Modification

I was learning about the Crosman valves using this pump rifle when I then got
the idea of adding a small reservoir in place of the pump. I used the original
valve and made a pipe that threaded into one end of the airgun valve. Had to make
manifold on the other end to allow to fill and store the air. A hydraulic coupler
on the end and soon had a functioning rifle. I then filled the reservoir with argon
from a mig welder tank to about 1000 PSI. When I fired airgun, the breech would
blow open a little as this rifle is not designed for any kind of serious pressure.

These rifles are not accurate at all. I have since scrapped the components and
used them for other projects. The gun still needs to be put back together. You
can see the many parts below of the airgun and how "simple" they are. The barrels
are a thin pipe that have been rifled and are very easily bent. Be careful if you
dis-assemble any airgun.

Enjoy the pictures of the valves. You will not readily find any site that
displays them as well as here.

Converting the Pump to Reservoir

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