Modifications to a Beeman 1040

Here you will find my first attempt at reworking an manufactured air rifle.
This is a Beeman airgun built for Canadian Tire stores in Canada. Before I bought
the air rifle I went online and researched Beeman a bit. Since Canadian Tire
sold them I thought if they are any good then I can buy locally. Online saw many
good reviews about Beeman so I made the purchase. It was only after taking it out
of the box and shooting it a little I saw that the rifle is made in China. It is
to bad I lost the receipt as I would have brought it back immediately. I was not
impressed and I will not buy another Beeman no matter what their quality and reviews
happen to be.

After awhile I decided to take the gun apart. Quickly seeing just how cheaply
these airguns are made. The trigger is stamped steel. The sear is 3 layers of
stamped steel. I decided to try to make my own trigger as a first attempt at
anything to do with airguns. Below you will see how I took the gun apart and made
the changes.

Taking the Beeman 1040 apart

Taking out the trigger assembly. Made a simple tool to compress the
spring and then knock out both pins and removes the trigger.


Parts I made to replace the original trigger, sear and spring guide tube.


Afterall the work I did making the parts and fitting them to get the trigger
to work, the spring compresser lever broke. Again stamped steel was used and
of the prongs let go that catches the piston.


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